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Jorejick family house



with Federica Lazzaretto, Antonella Pasquale and Matteo Nasini architects.

The core of the project is the centrality of collective spaces. For this reason the courtyard becomes the generative model of the planimetric system. However, the system is permeable and in continuous relation with the outside thanks to pedestrian entrances, wooden and cane walls, windows, and openings properly designed to split the courtyard according to the local bricks modularity.
The outdoor kitchen/living room has a central position in the system to promote and host moments of community and celebrations of the family. Moreover, it communicates with the indoor living room, thus widening the space and guaranteeing community moments in both rainy and sunny days thanks to the system of sheet metal roofing and cane roof.
All the spaces are equipped with mobile and filtering walls thus making the system flexible and transformable. The house is permeable and accessible from multiple entrances, but also provides solutions for the closure of private areas. Warehouses are located among the bedrooms and closed by a double door: healthiness and safety are guaranteed through the careful choice of building materials. 

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