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pubblicato su SUPERSTUDIO MAGAZINE, aprile 2023
Direttore responsabile: Gisella Borioli
Grafica: Anna Bergamo/Studiob16

pubblicato su PIANETA DESIGN, aprile 2023
testi di Monica Zani

pubblicato su ABITARE, aprile 2023
sti di Chiara Maranzana

Fuori Salone 2023  |  via Tortona 27    
17-23 Aprile  |  Superstudio

con Phononic Vibes.

From April 17th to 23rd at the Superdesign Show, Superstudio’s event for Milan Design Week 2023,
GN Architects and Phononic Vibes will present SoundSpline to the public: a functional sculpture
with a futuristic feel that comes from the combination of engineering and architecture.
SoundSpline is the first example of an acoustic island made with metamaterial technology, a
true visual and acoustic manifesto of the fusion of advanced industrial technologies with the world
of interior design. An idea born from the creative and fruitful collaboration between Phononic
Vibes and GN Architects.
Phononic Vibes Srl is a high-tech company focused on the design and fabrication of innovative
solutions based on acoustic and vibro-acoustic metamaterial technologies for noise and vibration
attenuation. A spin-off of the Milan Polytechnic, named among the most innovative companies in the fields by
Forbes, with significant growth in the field of acoustics and vibrations.

Thanks to its high acoustic insulation performance, SoundSpline provides a comfortable acoustic
cradle in crowded and noisy places, a space that envelops the person while creating wellbeing.
Suitable for all kinds of needs, Soundspline will allow people to make calls, concentrate
in the study, hold a business meeting in offices and coworking spaces, as well as in airports and
shopping malls.
Its formal genesis comes from the volutes of the human ear: the outer pavilion and the inner
cochlea. Departing from its surroundings, Soundpline wraps around itself and upward, moving the
user step by step away from noise and into a new dimension of order and quiet where he can
enjoy a moment of stasisall to him/her-self. In the central volute, the innermost one, the user has a
completely isolated location where he can act without disturbing and being disturbed.
SoundSpline is red, a color rich in meaning, a symbol of energy, excitement and movement.
It draws attention, immediately awakens the senses, and brings the mind back to the present
moment stimulating creativity and self-production.
It consists of three distinct elements joined together by drywall: the folded sheet metal base, the
extruded acoustic profiles, and the transparent and reinforced plexiglass panels. The prototype
exhibited during the event at Superstudio, has a footprint of about 8 square meters, ensuring
inclusiveness with a minimum passage of 70 cm. Height wise, it will instead develop with a
gradual progression starting from the edge at 1.10m reaching the highest internal point at 2.80m.
Sounspline’s sound insulation and eco-friendliness are guaranteed by Phononic Vibes’ innovative
patented metamaterial-based technology. Metamaterials are artificial structures properly shaped
to achieve unique mechanical properties that cannot be obtained in nature.
So far applied in the field of infrastructure, transportation, and large building systems, the
metamaterial technology is now bursting into the world of interior design at the Milan Design Week
2023 thanks to the visionary fusion of engineering and architecture wanted by GN Architetti.

A dreamlike and highly technological sculpture that will amaze and captivate you with its curves,
colors and sensations.

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